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Text "Waldorf MD Crew" to 240-681-9501 to get an invite to our next event

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About the #WaldorfMDCrew

We are an active, fun & lit social group that gets together at least once a month

for happy hour, dinner, or an outing. You'll get a different experience

each month because each month, we pull up at a different place. Whether you're new to the

Waldorf area or have lived in Charles County for 10+ years, it's never too late to find cool

things to do and make new friends; CLOSE TO HOME. 

Text "Waldorf MD Crew" to  240-681-9501 to get an invite to our next event.

OUR NEXT EVENT:  February 2023.......TBA

Want the #WaldorfMDCrew to come to your event, restaurant, or lounge?  Send us an email

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